Enterprise Environmental

Our company believes environmental protection is as important as safety production. With the the principle of” Environmental priority, quality priority”, we persist clearer production, energy - saving and consumption reducing to improve the environment.

Through learning the knowledge of environment law, our staff establish the legal consciousness. We update the energy conservation techniques and carry out the energy - saving measures.Based on the ISO14001 quality management system,We complete a comprehensive environmental protection management system to reduce and eliminate the environment pollution .

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Environmental protection and emission reduction
Each factory district has complete anti - air pollution installations. Waste water, waste gas, waste residue and noise get an effective prevention. Our company is always strictly observing the environmental protection institutions and executing the EIA system. In 2003, We modified the environmental protection system. We invest more funds to updating equipment to ensure the green product R & D. Meanwhile, we increase investment on sewage treatment and hazardous waste treatment and successfully pass the EDA Inspection. We invest 2.3 million yuan to transforming the waste gas treatment device. The new project use biomass boilers to effectively avoid the pollution of SO2.

Energy saving
Our company pays high value on energy saving. There is a department for energy conservation. Moreover, each staff has responsibility to implement energy saving. At the same time, our company sets up perfect reward and punishment system and updates equipment to generalize the use of new energy saving technology. In 2013,we try to reclaim and reuse packaging materials packaging materials and extraneous materials. The use of steam condensed water waste heat bath and HRSG reduce our expenses of energy. We use Frequency energy-saving equipment,CFL lights and biomass boiler in our new technology project. We started a solar power project successfully with TDG in 2013 to save electric energy.

Our company always maintains the social responsibility of environmental protection and sustainable development and strive to create green production chain. By energy conservation, emission reduction, clean production process and clean product, we will chart out a new type of development mode.