Enterprise Development

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  • May 2001,Zhejiang Haili New Material Co., Ltd. was established

  • December 2002,Passed ISO9001: 2000 quality management system to version

    August 2002,The company has been identified as the provincial Science and Technology Department of Zhejiang Province High-Tech Enterprises

    March 2002,The company was recognized for Haining Haining municipal government focused Xinhai engineering firms

  • June 2003,By ISO14001: 1996 Environmental Management System Certification

    April 2003,Companies were identified as key high-tech enterprises National Science and Technology

  • June 2004,Companies were identified nine departments in Zhejiang Province Economic and Trade Commission and other faith demonstration enterprise in Zhejiang Province

  • November 2005,The company was awarded the Zhejiang Green Enterprise

    September 2005,Companies were identified in Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province Department of Finance and other five sectors for technology center

  • September 2006,The company won the "National Textile Product Development Contribution Award"

    June 2006,By ISO14001: 2004 Environmental Management System to version

    July 2006,Companies were identified Zhejiang Environmental Protection Bureau as "initial results of cleaner production enterprises in Zhejiang Province"

  • November 2008,The company was named the China Knitting Industry Association, "2007-2008 China warp outstanding enterprises"

    August 2008,Import "5S improve management activities" in the company to fully implement

    August 2008,The company produced high-strength and high modulus low shrinkage polyester industrial filament products awarded the "Textile Science and Technology Progress Award" by the China Textile Association

    March 2008,The company was named the China Chemical Fiber Fiber Industry Association, "2007 China Chemical Fiber Industry Marketing Management Advanced Enterprise"

    March 2008,The company was recognized as "textile technology innovation business model" China Textile Industry Association

    2008,The first investment projects "in the new 14,320 tons of differentiated industrial yarn technology projects," the smooth operation

    December 2008,Hailide Transmission --- 35KV substation station completed and put into operation

  • November 2009,Zhejiang Haili New Material Co., Ltd. and BASF (China) Co., advertising materials, new technical cooperation project launch ceremony was held in Hailide company

    2009 Interim,The second fund-raising projects "in the new 25,000-ton truck with a differentiated industrial yarn technology projects," the smooth operation

    June 2009,New project began gradually differentiated industrial yarn production

    April 2009,Large bright polyester chips project went into operation

    April 2009,24 million in new M2 industrial production of textiles with special technology projects

    February 2009,Import "ERP management mode" in the company's full implementation

  • December 2010,"China's most influential force during the Eleventh Five warp enterprise" company was awarded China Knitting Industry Association warp Branch

    December 2010,The company won the "Zhejiang industrial polyester filament recycling economy demonstration enterprise"

    May 2010,The company was named the China Textile News "Top Ten Outstanding Contribution Award" and the "ten most influential enterprises"

    March 2010,The company was recognized as "technological innovation enterprise" China Chemical Industry Association

    January 2010,"Haley" trademark was awarded the Zhejiang Province

    June 2010,Companies responding to the success of the EU anti-dumping obtain market economy status and calculating anti-dumping duty rate of zero corporate

  • November 2011,The company was identified as "A Good Jiaxing City advanced enterprises"

    April 2011,The company won the China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, "Outstanding Contribution Award"

  • December 2012,Co Haining TV 2010 '"Business Management" college class graduation

    December 2012,December 2012 through the ISO / TS16949: 2009 quality management system certification --- automobile tire cord fabric design and production

    October 2012,Co Haining TV 2012 '"mechatronics" college class school

    September 2012,Co Haining TV 2012 '"Business Management" college class school

    September 2012,By ISO / TS16949: 2009 quality management system certification --- polyester industrial filament automotive design and production

    May 2012,Companies were identified as "Zhejiang industrial recycling economy demonstration enterprise"

    April 2012,The company won the Haining City, "Mayor Quality Award"

  • In December 2013. ,Company solar photovoltaic grid-connected power generation project success is realized

    In December 2013. ,"Super wide jointless film screen" and so on seven new products passed the provincial appraisal acceptance

    In October 2013, ,The company has won the "national textile industry advanced party construction demonstration enterprise"

    In October 2013, ,Company to start the safety production standardization construction work

    In September 2013, ,Company and zhejiang university of science and technology cooperation signing ceremony

    In May 2013, ,The company was awarded "jiaxing removed from the city to build the 30th anniversary of the outstanding private enterprises"

    In April 2013, ,Company jianshan factory plastic projects completed and put into production the first production line

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